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Democracy and Human Rights

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Liberté, egalité, fraternité. 

Brazil is going through hard times, I hope the universe conspires and it gets better. 

I stand for freedom of speech, equal rights, human rights; I am against all sorts of discrimination. 

Love is love.

I believe we have to take care of our environment, and we need to stop harming nature. 

I support Indigenous people and know how much we can learn from them. They are the custodians of our Land.

Education is the key for a better future. Good quality public education. Modern education, creative thinking, problem solving, empathy, sustainability, critical thinking. 

Hard won knowledge, instead of instant fake news. 

These are things that are dominating my mind at the moment, and inevitably transpiring into my art. 

At this day and age, it seems supporting the topics above should be a no brainer, however we know it isn´t the case. Unfortunately. Why is it so hard? 

#elenão #nothim 

Social Inequality in Brazil

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