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Social Inequality in Brazil

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This is a topic that has always bothered me: social inequality. Here in Australia, it´s no secret to anyone that Aboriginal people have much harder lives than others. It's also no secret why this happens, their existences having been so messed up for decades. 

In Brazil, things are worse. Much worse...The five richest people there have a fortune as large as the income of half the Brazilian population (Brazil population: 208 million). Depending on your roots, life can be so much harder, or so much easier. These super richer got 13 per cent richer in 2017. 

Very sad. Devastating, indeed. Of course black people are still the vast majority at the bottom of the pyramid, you don´t erase almost four centuries of slavery like that. It stands to reason that we should try hard to make lives more equal, but as I mentioned before the opposite has been happening. 

I have been listening to a lot of Brazilian rap. Really powerful words, deep voices coming from individuals who grew up feeling in their skin all this hardship. 

It´s true that I can´t fully relate to them. I had a reasonably privileged upbringing, I don´t really know what it is to remain hungry for days, not to have proper shelter. How desolating it must feel to be homeless, orphan, drug addicted, hopeless and so on. How sad it must feel to hear racist comments. To be forbidden to enter certain places because of the colour of your skin, or because you look "poor". 

I haven´t felt all this first hand, but I feel it deep into my heart. Why, why, why? Nobody is better than anyone. I'm inspired by life stories, if I talk about it, maybe I can help. 

And along these lines, I'm now painting these stories.

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