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I'm working on the series "Roots" at the moment. 

My roots. Family. My Dad passed away last year and deeply affected my roots. I was so close to him, and very similar to him in many ways. Thanks to him, we grew up listening to music all the time. Nat King Cole was his favourite (and I still can't listen to him without crying), as well as "samba de raiz", which translates as "samba from the roots"... African roots, that's for sure.

African roots, I always think of African roots. And Brazilian Indigenous roots, and Aboriginal roots. The roots which were originally there, or here. In terms of African roots, "originally there" was of course Africa. Roots which were brutally dismantled. Broken souls were shipped to Brazil in catastrophic conditions, as I mentioned in the previous post. 

The inspiration behind Roots is also deeply ingrained in Sao Paulo, my hometown and, again, a city which my Dad loved and 'owned'. He knew the metropolis extremely well, he worked in the old downtown for more than 40 years. He knew all the ways, all the buses, the history, the restaurants, the waiters who had been working in these restaurants forever. It's hard to look at Sao Paulo and not see my Dad everywhere, which is good and bad. And definitely leads to the next topic... Saudade. The unique Portuguese word which defines better than anything else our melancholic feelings. 

Saudade. Endless saudade. Chega de saudade. 

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