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New home, new life!

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I haven't updated this blog for so long because the last months have been packed with activities and emotions!!

After my solo exhibition at Penny Farthing last March, I flew to Brazil with my three kids. We had great holidays there with my family, everything was going really well until... My Dad suddenly passed away. He was 83, however very fit and seemed completely ok. He had never had any serious health issues in his life, and we couldn't believe he died just like that, collapsing on the floor. I couldn't believe my luck, in a way - considering I live so far away and hadn't been to Brazil for 13 months, to be there with him, talking to him and telling him I loved him, in his very last moments, was extremely special. So sad and special... My Dad and I were very close, I talked to him on the phone every single day. Forever missing him!!

So the last ten days of our holidays in Brazil were like that... Funeral, preparing documents for the state, taking care of my Mum. Back to Sydney, from the airport we came straight to our new home - we were in Kensington before, moved to Avalon Beach.

New home, new suburb, new school for the kids. A house full of boxes and suitcases to unpack... A heart full of grief. It wasn't easy, but slowly things are improving.

In terms of painting, I kind of have my studio ready now, and hopefully will start producing again soon! Fingers crossed!! :) 

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