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Naidoc 2018

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Naidoc Week has just finished, and it was ever so inspiring.

I celebrate Aboriginal culture here in Australia, as well as Indigenous and African culture in Brazil. Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of our land, and Brazilian Indigenous people, the "Indios", are the traditional owners of Brazilian land. If here in Australia we have a long way to go in terms of recognition and repairs, in Brazil the situation is worse, as there's very little recognition, there's no official acknowledgment, and not only there aren't repairs being made, but we're going backwards. Areas which should be protected and reserved to our Indios get invaded, and Indigenous people lose their space and identity.

Brazil received more slaves than any other country in America: indeed 60 per cent of all the slaves who were forced to leave Africa ended up there. Over 5 million individuals in 350 years of slavery. I dream of the day in which the Brazilian government and people will fully acknowledge this catastrophic era. It’s time we apologised to all black brothers and sisters who suffer their ancestors pain.

No wonder Brazil is a very unequal country... I deeply love my home country, and hope one day there'll be a fair share for everyone.

On a happy note, I took the kids last week to see John Mawurndjul marvellous exhibition at the MCA. I talked to them about "Because of her, we can!", and we spent our Sunday at Rouse Hill House & Farm, on Darug country, learning and experimenting Aboriginal culture. We all loved it, and we feel very thankful to the traditional owners of this land to receive us with open arms.

Our roots are the essence of life, and I am inspired by Aboriginal culture, inspired by Brazilian Indigenous culture and inspired by the African people who despite all the suffering, brought so much happiness end energy to the country they were forced to adopt. Saravá!!!


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