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Highlands inspiration!

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We´ve just come back from a 30-day trip on a campervan through England, Wales and Scotland.

I´ve always loved backbacking, however now with the three kids, plus my back being not as strong as before, a campervan seems to be the next big thing!

The absolute highlight was the Scottish Highlands, I just loved how powerful, moody and magnificent the region is! Loved going to Loch Ness, my Dad used to tell me stories about the Monster, so it was always a place that fascinated me. 

On the way to Europe we stopped in Hong Kong, and went straight to Mong Kwok, the planet´s most densely populated area. Stayed in a small and very basic room, the five of us, and it was awesome!!! Just like the old good days of backpacking life! 

Mind you, I´m not that old (44, come on!), and hopefully will never be too old to travel, so already missing hitting the road!! 

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