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Flower Power


The lady that used to live in this house was a fantastic gardener. When we moved in we had no idea how to deal with everything that was left by her, but slowly we are getting there.

Growing up in Brazil we had a small garden, and I went to my grandparents farms on holidays every year. I absolutely love nature, however after living in a unit for more than a decade, this is the first time in life I feel like I am actually responsible for helping nature thrive.

I guess I am saying all that to explain why I painted "Flower"! It really was inspired by this garden. Wherever this lady who used to live here is (all I know is she was about 90 years old when she moved out, and she's a holocaust survivor...), I would love her to know that we really appreciate the time and love she has put in this backyard. It's a lot of work for us to maintain it, but we enjoy it. 

"Flower", inspired by gardens and stories of survivals... Including surviving the holocaust.:)

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