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Dreaming of a Sabbatical Year...

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I've just finished a commissioned piece! 

This is the story behind it: the client dreams of a sabbatical year, in which he will sail around the world with his wife. This client also loves dogs. So basically he put together the two things: could I paint a boat and a dog??

I painted the boat, included a dog in it, and... It looked too childish!! :(  It would have looked great in a kids room... but the client has just turned 40! The solution was to remove the dog, and baptize the boat as "Sea Dog"! Happy 40-year-old client!! :)

Hopefully the artwork on the wall will remind him to keep up with his dreams, and he'll be sooner rather than later be discovering magical corners in faraway places!! 

As someone who absolutely loves adventure travelling, I hope I did print a bit of my passion into this painting... Enjoy the journey, Sea Dog!! :) 

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