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I would love to invite you all to my upcoming solo show at Penny Farthing Design House (51 Darling Street, Balmain East), from 3-11 March. Seventeen new artworks, inspired by Brazilian culture, nature, architecture, design, festivals, people, diversity and music. And of course the recurrent and wonderful Aboriginal influence! 

Read a bit more about the creative process here. Looking forward to seeing you there!:) 


I was born and grew up in São Paulo, an extremely busy city, full of contrasts. I have always loved to wander around the old downtown, amongst high rises, noisy traffic and people from all walks of life.

Bossa Nova is forever the rhythm that calms me down; and samba is in my blood. Maybe in a past life I lived in Africa. Drums hypnotise me, and Carnival is a sublime elation.

I wish Brazil didn´t have the major social inequality it does. There´s a lot of suffering around, but funnily enough through suffering huge creativity flourishes. Natural beauty and an aura of excitement: even in its dull moments, Brazil is a party place, where you can have fun and find love.

Speaking about love! I met my Aussie husband on the Amazon, and yes, it was true love! I moved to Sydney, which quickly turned into another passion.

Aboriginal art and culture became an inspiration as much as Indigenous and African culture were inspirations in Brazil. My soul is forever divided by my original and new roots, however through painting I feel complete, I´m able to connect my two beloved countries, or indeed all the amazing places I have visited around this planet, and the ones I hope to see in the future. When I can´t travel physically, I travel through my art.

On this particular trip, I couldn´t go anywhere else but deep into Brazil. It´s a combination of art, design, nature, culture, music, people, the spiritual, the raw and the mundane. It´s Brazilian Dreaming.

  • 1)Crazy Jungle – Oil on canvas – A mix of Australian and Brazilian animals living together in perfect harmony and happiness, as if there was no distance separating them.
  • 2)Favela (Shanty Town) – Oil on canvas - Poverty, strength, community, war, love, music, parties, blood, suffering, challenges, despair, celebrations, life.
  • 3)Capoeira – Oil on canvas - The ‘berimbau’, a single string percussion instrument, leads the rhythm. Amazingly flexible bodies move in a mix of martial art, dance and acrobatics.
  • 4)Becos (Laneways) – Oil on canvas – Parties, crime, love, stray cats, homeless people, bohemian dreams, the unexpected…
  • 5)Carnaval (Carnival) – Oil on canvas – An explosion of sensations: time stands still, and life is only happiness, love, music, drums, endless colours and fun.
  • 6)Niemeyer – Oil on canvas – Honouring architect Oscar Niemeyer, and his love of free flowing, sensual curves.
  • 7)Graffiti – Oil on linen – Street art on linen, a fusion of raw and luxury, social inequality.
  • 8)Copan – Oil on canvas – Designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950s, Copan, located in my hometown São Paulo, is one of the largest residential buildings in Brazil. It´s an icon, a mix of old and modern, a building with soul.
  • 9)Macaw in Tiles – Oil on canvas – Athos Bulcão is called “The Artist of Brasilia”, famous especially for his murals made with unique tiles designed by himself. This scarlet macaw faces a wall inspired by Bulcão’s tile compositions.
  • 10)Toucan in Tiles – Oil on canvas – Athos Bulcão is called “The Artist of Brasilia”, famous especially for his murals made with unique tiles designed by himself. This toucan stands proud near a wall inspired by Bulcão’s tile compositions.
  • 11)Burle Marx – Oil on canvas – Honouring Roberto Burle Marx, who introduced modernist landscape architecture to Brazil and is responsible for Copacabana´s iconic promenade.
  • 12)Índio – Oil on canvas – There are currently about nine hundred thousand Indigenous people in Brazil. They belong to 305 different ethnicities, and speak 274 different languages.
  • 13)Sertões (The Bush) – Oil on linen – “Sertão” is the equivalent of the Australian bush. The book “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands”, by João Guimarães Rosa, is a reference in Portuguese language literature, and fabulously describes the “sertões”.
  • 14)Bossa Nova – Oil on linen – A fusion of samba and jazz… I grew up listening to bossa nova, and my artworks have long been produced under the sound of this calming and delightful rhythm.
  • 15)Divino – Oil on canvas – Sacred, spiritual, symbol of peace and protection.
  • 16)Candomblé – Oil on canvas – Religion based on African beliefs. Around 5,5 million slaves were brought from Africa to labour in Brazil between 1530 and 1888.
  • 17)Bonfim – Oil on canvas – Bonfim ribbons (or Bahia bands) are a symbol of faith and good luck. They are colourful and sold in bunches in Brazil. The ritual goes like this: wrap the ribbon around your wrist and make a wish. When the bracelet falls off on its own accord, the wish will come true.

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