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Flower Power

The lady that used to live in this house was a fantastic gardener. When we moved in we had no idea how to deal with everything that was left by her, but slowly we are getting there.Growing up in Brazil we had a small garden, and I went to my grandparents farms on holidays every [...]

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Rain, rain go away...

My five-year-old little girl doesn't like this song: she always says she feels sorry for the rain to go away, as the rain is fun and beautiful!! Even though I am a sun seeker, passionate about summer, I agree with her: an inspiring and peaceful rainy day is delightful, especially when you can stay inside doing [...]

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When knitting and painting come together...

I used to know how to knit when I was a child, and it would probably come back to me if I tried it again. I might as well just do it with paint, though! When I looked at my new painting from a distance, I thought it looked exactly like the dots were knitted [...]

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Patchwork and its hidden secret!

I´ve been thinking some of my paintings look a bit crochet-like, especially because of the 3-D dots. Following this line of thinking, I painted "Patchwork" - in fact not following much thinking, as to be honest I paint with the flow! :)"Patchwork" puts together 14 geometric pieces. I photographed this painting in full sun and [...]

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Penny Farthing Design House! And Winkelen Magazine!

I am very proud and lucky to have joined this year the artists team at Penny Farthing Design House. If you haven't been there, this is a beautiful, calming, friendly and inspiring art gallery in Sydney´s Balmain. It´s very worth a visit, it´s like entering a cloud of loveliness and creativity! Check www.pennyfarthingdh.com.au to have an [...]

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About birds and love

I haven't written for a while, but since last time, I did two new paintings. First I painted a "Helmeted Guinea Fowl", which I had no idea it had this (very long) name in English. In Brazil they are called galinhas d'angola, which translates to chicken from Angola. I love Africa, and that might be somehow [...]

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Trem das Onze

There's a very famous Brazilian song that goes like this: "Something happens to my heart, only when I cross the Ipiranga and Sao Joao Avenues..." The songwriter is Caetano Veloso, and the song is called "Sampa". Sampa is short for Sao Paulo. And this is the city where I was born, the massive Brazilian metropolis. Caetano [...]

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What's next?

I am between paintings at the moment... Just finished Orange Baiana, which I did while Carnival was happening in Brazil. I love living in Australia, but Carnival is a time I really miss Brazil! The fact that the country completely stops for four days. I know, that's not good for the economy!! But you know what? [...]

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Prints now available!!

From far away you almost can't tell which one is the original and which one is the copy! The prints are that amazing. They obviously aren't 3D like the `real`thing, however they are just as bright. And the best thing is that the quality of the image taken is so good that it's possible to print [...]

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Prints! Soon to come...

I am in the process of scanning my artworks to get prints made. Museum quality prints, they will look fantastic. Stay tuned!!

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