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Toucans and more toucans!!

People might think I am obsessed with toucans, however it's not always my 'fault'!!:)I have just finished two commissioned pieces, and together they have three toucans in it. I guess people want them because these birds always look happy, and definitely bring great vibe wherever they go.I believe in the power of positive thinking, and [...]

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An Art Team for the Olympics!! Braza Darling Harbour

To celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in style - and in Sydney! -  I am super excited to be teaming up with creative Brazilian forces artist Marisa Pasicznik Ross and photographer Adriano Leite. Of course special thanks to Braza Darling Harbour for hosting us!! If you haven't been there yet, do yourself a favour and [...]

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My exhibition at Bat Country Randwick is coming to an end, it´s been a fantastic experience. What a great and creative space, with such friendly people. Thank you so much for having me!:)To celebrate the occasion I am offering 20% off the artworks that still are on Bat Country´s walls: Amazon, Lizard and Rainforest 2. [...]

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Epic Painting!

I've just finished the largest canvas I've ever painted! It's roughly 170x135 cm. This painting means a lot to me: it's a real mix of Brazil and Australia. Seventeen happy animals live in this utopic scenery: two lorikeets, two blue macaws, a toucan, a kookaburra, a blue tongue lizard, a golden lion tamarin, a Brazilian giant [...]

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Living an Abstract Life

I will soon be back to my dots, that's for sure, but meanwhile it's been quite liberating to do a few abstract non dotted pieces!! I even made a crazy one using recycled canvas and recycled staples, it always feels great to me to reuse something. Brand new "Confetti" can uplift anyone and any room. It's hanging [...]

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Marie France Group!

So as I said three of my paintings are at Bat Country Randwick at the moment, and eleven of my paintings are at the West Pymble address of the Marie France Group boutique French hair salons! I went to West Pymble yesterday to deliver the paintings, and had the pleasure to meet Dominique, Marie's husband.As my [...]

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Bat Country Randwick!

Three of my paintings are on the walls at Bat Country Randwick at the moment!Please go and check them out if you get the chance! Make sure you say "Hi!" to the "Cheeky Lizard" and the happy crowd from "Rainforest 2"! And of course have a look at "Amazon", which is looking great among Bat [...]

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Rainforest Vibe!

When I say I am inspired by Brazil and Australia, I mean as well that I am inspired by the amazing nature of these countries. Not that all countries don't have amazing nature themselves, nature doesn't have nationality and is fantastic everywhere. I painted my first Rainforest in 2012, and people seem to deeply connect with [...]

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The Emerge Foundation

The Emerge Foundation is a charity which aims to provide education opportunities to children in economically depressed societies. Their focus at the moment is to assist our neighbor East Timor. I am very proud of my husband Andrew for being on Emerge Foundation's board! It's a fantastic team. Every year The Emerge Foundation puts together a stunning [...]

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About Raw Sydney!

I absolutely loved being part of Raw Sydney Signature!! (The event happened on 15 April at the Manning Bar, Sydney). Thank you so much for everyone who came along!! It was a lot of work transporting everything to the Manning Bar and doing the set up, but the experience was so worth it, and the vibe was [...]

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