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Família - Opening Night 8 February 5-8pm!

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Hi everyone!! Happy New Year!! 

Kids back to school, time to concentrate on a new exhibition, which is just around the corner!!

FAMÍLIA, a group exhibition with fabulous Brazilian artists. Here´s more information, I´d love to see you all there!!! :) 

Avalon, NSW - January 8, 2019, A group of six Brazilian visual artists based in Sydney have gathered to share their experiences and collaborate with each other. This exhibition, entitled 'Familia' is the collaboration resulting from their individual journeys coming together

in a group. The exhibition showcases creations by Cassia Bundock, Fabio Manzini (a.k.a. Juxta.fab), Flavia Julius, Lia Marxx, Marisa Pasicznik Ross, and Murilo Manzini (a.k.a. Muzi).

"Familia" invites the spectator to visit their homeland and to deconstruct stereotypes and paradigms. As they've settled in their new land, the artists gravitate towards their roots, renegotiating personal and artistic identity and connection as they live their lives and practice their art in an intercultural dialectic space.

New and previous lives, locations and families come together; new cultural references and fresh feelings have merged with ingrained memories and emotions. Where the original family is created by a union of marriage or blood, the familia is made and re-made by new transnational engagements as their journeys and lives continue in Australia.

'Familia' blends the Brazilian bossa with the spirit of the Australian bush. It fuses and renegotiates rhythm and happiness, colours and dots, the beach and the city.

The exhibition is part of Be Brave ArtSpace's summer calendar. The gallery is located at 5-7 Careel Head Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107. The dates for this group exhibition are February 08, trough to March 3, 2019. The opening night will happen on February 8 from 5 to 8 PM.


Originally from Brasil.

Proudly made in Australia.


"Brave", a group exhibition featuring 14 artists, opens tomorrow, 23 November, from 5-8pm at Be Brave Artspace in North Avalon!!I'd love to see you there. I went there to have a look today, it looks fabulous, a very interesting combination of artworks. I'm showing four of my paintings, two stools decorated with recycled tiles, and a [...]

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Democracy and Human Rights

Liberté, egalité, fraternité. Brazil is going through hard times, I hope the universe conspires and it gets better. I stand for freedom of speech, equal rights, human rights; I am against all sorts of discrimination. Love is love.I believe we have to take care of our environment, and we need to stop harming nature. I support Indigenous people and [...]

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Social Inequality in Brazil

This is a topic that has always bothered me: social inequality. Here in Australia, it´s no secret to anyone that Aboriginal people have much harder lives than others. It's also no secret why this happens, their existences having been so messed up for decades. In Brazil, things are worse. Much worse...The five richest people there have [...]

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I'm working on the series "Roots" at the moment. My roots. Family. My Dad passed away last year and deeply affected my roots. I was so close to him, and very similar to him in many ways. Thanks to him, we grew up listening to music all the time. Nat King Cole was his favourite (and [...]

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Naidoc 2018

Naidoc Week has just finished, and it was ever so inspiring. I celebrate Aboriginal culture here in Australia, as well as Indigenous and African culture in Brazil. Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of our land, and Brazilian Indigenous people, the "Indios", are the traditional owners of Brazilian land. If here in Australia we [...]

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St Kilda Art Crawl

Some of my artworks are on show at 4Dverse, as part of the St Kilda Art Crawl. If you happen to be in Melbourne, go and have a look, please! I haven´t seen it personally, however the photos look great!! :) 

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Quick update!! :)

I haven´t written much lately, as I´ve been working on commissions. The piece I´m doing right now is a Brazilian flag, which will be completely full of dots. It´s a large canvas, therefore patience needed, that´s for sure, however I´m loving the process!! Listening to some very interesting documentaries while I paint, so absorbing a [...]

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St Kilda Latin American Art Exhibition https://youtu.be/XlJE13ryBbg

I'm back!! :) I was visiting my family in Brazil, back to Sydney and to work now. While in Sao Paulo, I was very pleased to receive an invitation to take part of the first edition of the St Kilda Latin Festival, which will hold the Latin American Art Exhibition in St Kilda. Thanks so much [...]

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Exhibition in Avalon!

As I´ve mentioned before, we moved to Avalon six months ago. We´re loving it, and looking forward to experiencing for the first time the Avalon Beach Market Day, the largest community market day on the Northern Beaches. Sounds fantastic!! Sunday 19 November from 9am to 4pm. I´m also very excited to show my paintings to my [...]

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