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About Me

Proud to be on the land of the Kuringgai people of the Eora nation. 


Inspired by Brazil, inspired by Australia


I was born in one of the planet’s largest cities. Sao Paulo is busy. It’s grey yet colourful, noisy, polluted, super cultural, gastronomic, dangerous, exciting, full of cars, buildings, helicopters, motorcycles, injustice, social inequality: extremely rich, extremely poor people. Not an easy place... But I love it, my roots are there.

Speaking about love! That’s why I moved to Sydney. I am married to an Aussie, I met him on the Amazon. We bumped into each other in the middle of nowhere because we share a huge passion for travelling.

I call Australia home now. It’s a fantastic country, perfect for bringing up our three children. However, my soul, as is the case for most people who live overseas, is divided between Brazil and OZ. The great thing for me is that these two worlds so far from each other suddenly come together with the stroke of a brush. 

I have been working as a full time artist since 2014. Before deciding to take the plunge and create art for a living, I worked in advertising as well as travel journalism. I have had two travel books published in Brazil by Panda Books, however my life is now dominated by dots!

For years I took an oil painting course in Brazil with a very talented artist. Back then I painted in a post impressionist style and had never experimented with dots until becoming fascinated with Aboriginal art. Once I produced the first mark, I knew it was the right thing.

My dots have a lot of texture, and similar to Aboriginal art, there´s hidden symbolism behind them. I love the "Dreaming" concept in Aboriginal culture, and my paintings carry my own "Dreaming". They carry my past, ancestors, longing, dreams, hopes, as well as other people´s stories and struggles. 

I paint thinking of music, nature, dancing, celebrations, journeys, amazing cities, festivals, diversity, human rights, people, carnival and, obviously, colours. I also think of inequality, injustice, sociology, anthropology, history of art, philosophy... What´s here, who´s here, who´s gone, what´s coming... 

Deep inside, it's all about passion.





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